So, Another Blog, Huh?

I didn’t know what I wanted to write as the first post for my blog. If I hadn’t made the announcement last week on social media that I was going to launch my blog today, I probably would have postponed again – because I didn’t know what to write. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have topics to write about (heck, I have plenty of those), but rather I thought the first post should be special in some way. Groundbreaking. It shouldn’t be just another topic.

Then it came to me: this is why many of us don’t achieve success.

Sometimes, we’re too focused on the result that we forget about the process. We forget that it’s the little things every day that we do, that determines our success in the future.

Take for example, two people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. X decided to start today by refraining himself from drinking soft drinks. Whenever he had the option, he would say no, and he sustained this for five years. Z, on the other hand, signed up for the gym. He wasn’t consistent though. Sometimes he went. Sometimes he didn’t. This gym routine was the only change he did from time to time, but that was all. And this sustained for five years, too.

In my opinion, after five years, it’s X who would have benefited more from his change. Because he started small, and then he was consistent. Before this, I was very much like Z. I started a blog, then I wanted it to be big right away. It doesn’t work that way though.

The first step to success is to take the first step.

It doesn’t mean seeing results right away. It might take another three, five years to see the results. But you know for sure that with that one consistent step, something is bound to change compared to the person who never took that one small, consistent step. It’s never obvious right away. But you’ll see it when five years have passed.

So this is my small change.

One day, I want to become a published writer. And I know that to achieve this particular dream, I need to start writing first. Put myself out there. Share the things I know, the way life is from my perspective. Hopefully there will be many others who will also share my views.

I debated whether I wanted this blog to be in English or Malay. I decided for English. Because I have a dream, that I want this blog to be read by those who live outside of Malaysia.

So yes. Welcome, dear readers, to my blog. As my life grows, so will this blog. As I grow, so will my writing. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts, my experiences, every Tuesday from now on.

In the meantime: What’s your small change today?

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