7 Reasons Why We Don’t Have a TV at Home

Because we don’t have a TV at home, if my husband really wants to watch a football match, we’d head to the nearest mamak to watch and order the usual naan cheese to go with it. If I have a proofreading deadline to meet, the laptop comes with me.

Hello, everyone!

I’ll be 36 weeks into my pregnancy in three days, and I’m extremely happy to have started my leave to relax at home and prepare for baby. I have the baby’s clothes to wash before he comes, the crib and car seat to set up, his newborn cards to print and (maybe) laminate (will share about this much later), the house to clean and declutter, do some last minute shopping for anything else I might have missed, and spend time going through the many baby books I haven’t had the time to read yet to prepare for everything.

Contrary to popular belief, I am actually an introvert in nature. I have three best friends (one who’s in the US and who I’ve only met once in my life) and I really enjoy quiet times to work on my projects. But anyhow.

In exactly two weeks from today, I will have been married to my wonderful husband for exactly a year now. And yes – from the first day until today, we don’t have a TV at home, by choice.

Looking back, this was probably one of the best decisions we have made as a newly married couple, and I personally highly recommend trying to cut off from TV for three months and feeling the effects for yourself. Here I’ll list down some of the things you’d probably experience straight away once you get rid of TV in your life (at least, this is what my husband and I have experienced):

  1. You talk more. Like seriously. It could be serious discussions about a particular topic, but more often than not, it’s just a light chat with each other after work. Sometimes my husband and I would tag each other to various articles or videos we found on social media, so nighttime is when we’d talk about it and share our opinions and thoughts.
  2. You’re more well-rested. Normally, we’d watch TV until we feel tired enough to sleep. But what happens is that the TV screen actually messes up with our brains, much like how our handphones do, by making the brain think it’s still daytime. The best thing to do for a good night rest is to switch off the TV and handphone at least an hour before bedtime. If you don’t have a TV at home in the first place, this is so much easier to do. For me, it also helps me sleep and wake up earlier.
  3. You have more activities to do together. Especially on nights when dinner is either pasta or fried rice, normally my husband and I would just put on a movie on the laptop and watch it together. Or, more frequently, we’d hit the cinemas for the latest release. Or he’d suddenly want to go out for a drive, so we’d head to Putrajaya and just walk around. And if my husband really needed to watch a particular football match, then we’d go to the nearby mamak and enjoy it there.
  4. More chores are done. Granted, I am blessed to have been given such a hardworking husband who helps around the house. But before pregnancy fatigue set in and made me useless after 8pm, nighttimes were my favourite time to clear the sink and prep for meals I’d cook the next day so the chores won’t pile up the next day. 
  5. You have more time. My office mates often ask me, when do I work on my proofreading and editing jobs? Weekends are usually filled with family activities or outings with friends. And I commute to KL for work, so I usually arrive home at 7pm. To be honest, I proofread and edit and read books when my friends would be watching TV. So many hours are actually spent watching TV if you really think about it. For me, those hours go into managing my part-time business.
  6. You save more. This one is a no-brainer. If I were to subscribe to Astro, the Sports Channel is a must for my husband, and for me, I’d want channels to watch movies like HBO and Fox. That’s another bill to pay for. Plus the electricity bill.
  7. You become more creative. It’s so easy to let go of our free time just curled up in front of the TV. Next thing you know, five or ten years of your life had passed by and you have no fun hobbies to talk about. To me, free time is when I’d learn something new. I’d watch new recipe videos. I’d read books and articles. I’d plan for new activities. In five years, the last thing I want on my life resume is to just boast about what TV shows I’ve watched. I want to do more than that and become a much more interesting person than that.

Of course, with a baby on the way, one crucial reason why I don’t want a TV at home is because I really, really, really want to play and spend time with my kid when he comes. 

By now I know I will probably be super tired when he arrives, but I also know that not having TV as an outlet will also help push me in the right direction. I have sooo many Montessori-style games saved on my phone that I’d like to play with him when he’s older (my husband had to remind me to splurge only on newborn essentials first because I already wanted to buy toys for 4 years and above 😅). Big Bad Wolf is coming up, and I can’t wait to buy baby board books.

Because I have four weeks to myself (tentatively) before baby comes, I was thinking of writing several bonus posts that are pregnancy-related. My Tuesday posts will still be on topics related to self-improvement and relationships, no worries, and I don’t forsee my content really changing in the future unless if you want me to share more about mommy and baby. 😄 Some bonus posts I’m thinking of sharing are:

  1. Severe morning sickness: My first trimester story with hyperemesis gravidarum
  2. Baby haul: Newborn essentials I’ve bought so far
  3. Part 1: Expectations on having a baby (part two would be an Expectations VS Reality post when he reaches 3 months)
  4. My pregnancy essentials

Alright, let me end my post here for today. As usual, don’t forget to scroll down and subscribe via email to receive updates when I post something new!


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