Mai’s Baby Product Haul!

Hey everyone!

So today’s post is another bonus post, which is a baby haul of pretty much all the big stuff I’ve bought for my baby so far. Now finally at 37 weeks pregnant, I’m so happy that I’m finally settled with pretty much everything (I believe) and will just need to patiently wait for the little guy to arrive.

This haul covers only big items, including reasons for purchase as there are always so many opinions behind every baby product. Of course I bought all the essentials beforehand, like his clothes, onesies, bathtub, towels, etc. 

Just a disclaimer – this post is not sponsored in any way. These are items which I bought genuinely after doing my research and reading on them and deciding they’re the best for me. Another disclaimer is that of course the purchases are based on research and thus this is not a review of the products. I can probably do reviews (if you guys are interested) after I’ve experienced using these things. So let’s get started!

1) Nursing Pillow – My Brest Friend

When you think ‘nursing pillow’, the most popular option has always been the boppy pillow, which is a C-shaped pillow to put around your belly and lay your baby on top to nurse him. Initially, I thought of getting this one (you can get them cheap for RM60 or less at Lazada), but thankfully my sister-in-law has a boppy pillow which she used with my nephew when he was born. I saw that it seemed like an uncomfortable pillow to use as the surface is curved, not flat, and it’s not contoured to perfectly fit the belly so my nephew sometimes would fall into the dip. Now with my niece, the pillow is used more to let her sleep in (and feel like she’s being hugged) or to prop her up.

I did my research, and this My Brest Friend pillow seemed to be the best alternative. The surface is flat, and the pillow goes all around you, secured with a clip and includes back support. It’s also lightweight, which I like. I saw a similar design at One Baby World, but that design sold out before I could buy it. There’s also another flat pillow with a similar design that could be folded, but does not include back support, also at One Baby World.

I looked up prices on Lazada and the MBF website – a new MBF costs approximately RM250, though some places do sell cheaper or pricier. I got mine from for RM150. The previous owner had used it only once before deciding to sell, as she had twins and was unable to use it to nurse both at the same time (MBF has a Deluxe pillow for twin babies). So yes – always check all your options even for online selling platforms, to get your best deals!

2) Baby carrier – Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

My husband and I love going to shopping malls to just walk around, and when we’re in Terengganu, going to the beach to walk by the shore is a must. So we decided to buy a carrier over a stroller. To be honest, I never liked seeing parents with strollers – they’re always so bulky to take around, and I think I’d be annoyed with a stroller. Plus I didn’t enjoy the thought of pushing a stroller into the sand. 😅 I looked up many carriers, but decided to get the Infantino carrier when I saw that my favourite YouTuber uses the same. The price I got it for was RM220 from Lazada.

3) Baby Cot – Sweet Cherry

If you ever plan to buy a cot, take my advice and buy it sooner rather than later. My husband and I didn’t really buy any baby product until I was around 7 months pregnant, and finding a cot was a chore. Our budget was under RM500, and we didn’t want to buy online for this one because we wanted to see the quality first before making a purchase. Spefically, I wanted one with the option of adjusting the height so that I could put the cot beside my bed with one side unattached.

Of course we surveyed IKEA. And for you pregnant ladies out there, walking in IKEA is tiring, and if you return empty-handed, you’d probably not be in the best of moods. So make use of IKEA’s website and check the item’s availability and stock first.

For me, I really liked one of IKEA’s simple white cot which was priced at only RM299, and when we checked IKEA’s website the night we wanted to go, we saw that they had only ONE ITEM LEFT in stock. My goodness, I was so nervous to go to sleep that night. Because we had checked the website, we knew which shelf row and number the cot would be at when we reach the warehouse (another tip if you don’t want to hurt your feet walking the entire showroom!). So when morning came, we raced to IKEA, skipped the showroom to go straight to the warehouse, and lo’ and behold, the cot was not there. Mind you, we were among the first to arrive at IKEA that morning, and when I asked the IKEA guy to check the database, we weren’t wrong – it said there was still one cot in stock.

So let me save all of you the anguish and break it to you now: if you see IKEA only has one item left in its website, there’s a good chance (like how it was for this cot) that it was the display set. And display sets are not for sale in IKEA. (We asked). And the only cots remaining were RM600+ which was above our budget. So. Bye-bye IKEA. We eventually found a much more beautiful cot at Parkson IOI Putrajaya, under the Sweet Cherry brand, as in the picture. It’s solid wood (unlike IKEA) and was priced at RM379 – within our budget. We had an RM150 Parkson voucher which we received during our wedding and which we had saved, so the total price paid was RM229 for the cot. ❤ (So yes, you, friend who gave us the Parkson vouchers – know that part of it was used for the baby cot XD)

4) Car seat – not bought

Thankfully, we did not need to buy a car seat. My parents had actually kept a car seat which they bought in the US and used for my youngest sister. The car seat is convertible into a baby rocker, and my mom sewed up a new padding for it. ❤ The brand is Gracko, which can go up to a crazy price of RM1000+ here in Malaysia if bought brand new. I think the car seat can fit my baby until he’s two years old, then we’d probably buy a new car seat more suitable for toddlers. So yes. RM0 for the car seat. ❤

5) Confinement set – Nona Roguy and Shaklee

Just to share on this one. For the confinement set, I decided to go with the Nona Roguy set after reading the reviews on Google. I also have a cousin who used NR and said it was good, so let’s give it a try. One NR set comes with six items:

  • 1 x PhytoNatal (90 capsules)
  • 1 x Akar Herbanika (10 packets)
  • 1 x Minyak Herbanika (100 ml)
  • 1 x Krim Herbanika Barut (60gm)
  • 1 x Uncang Cuci Herbanika (10 packets)
  • 1 x Herbanika Lulur (100gm)

I bought my set for RM195 at Lazada. As for Shaklee, I consume it even for pregnancy, so I will do the same for confinement. The confinement set is:

  • Vita-Lea
  • B Complex
  • Vit C
  • Alfalfa
  • ESP
  • Omega Guard


So there you go! My short and quick baby haul on major purchases I’ve made so far. My husband and I do plan on buying a high chair when my baby is a bit older and can start eating food, and we still are at odds with getting a stroller. It’s possible we’ll get a really lightweight stroller when baby is much older, as we drive a Myvi and space is everything. I guess in the future I’ll be able to write a more comprehensive list on what I think are the most useful products worth the money.

The only purchase I haven’t made yet and I’m SO torn after reading so many reviews and blogs, is for a double-electric breast pump. Currently I’m torn between Spectra M1 and Lacte Duet Elite, and I do plan to purchase Freemie to go with them. I think the best time to buy is after the baby arrives, so I’m holding my purchase until then. But in any case, I’m looking for a double-pump that’s quiet, not too bulky, lightweight, and can be used easily with Freemie because I am planning to pump at work. So if you have any thoughts and experiences, please do share, I’d love to hear all thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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