2018 New Year Resolutions and 2017 Highlights

I’ve always loved the end of year and new year vibes. The fresh start, the review of goals achieved and new goals for the year. It has become my habit to always set new goals every end of year, except last year. I married my husband on 18th December 2016 and was also finishing up my Master’s degree, so I decided against creating any resolutions as I had no idea what 2017 would bring.

Coming towards the end of the year, here are my main highlights for 2017:

  1. I performed my first Umrah. Seriously, this was never in the cards for me. I always had this thought that I’d go for umrah in my thirties or forties. To have been blessed to do it with my husband’s family at 25 years old was just… It’s truly a gift from Allah that I do not believe I deserved.
  2. I became pregnant. Quite a lot of my office mates are international from different countries, and some of them asked me point blank if I ever did family planning. My answer is no – family planning, for me, comes after the first baby. My husband is 28, and he is also the first child. We knew even before marriage that we wanted to have a baby right away. Pregnancy took me by surprise though. I never expected it to be as difficult as it is, and now I’m just counting days, eager to meet the little guy.
  3. I finished my Master’s degree. And graduated with a baby bump, which had always been one of my childhood dreams. Thank you, YTAR, for offering to me the scholarship. I am still at odds on whether the Master’s degree was the right choice or not, but I believe something special is in store for me.

    2017 has been a very special year for me. Granted, I also faced one of the biggest challenges in my life this year, and so many negative things happened, but still – it has been an amazing, special year overall.

    My resolutions for 2018 onwards will not be the same as the resolutions I have made these past 25 years. Rather, it will be broken up into the different roles I now play – as a person, a wife, and a soon-to-be mother. So here are my resolutions for next year.

    2018 Resolutions as Mai

    1. Write my first e-book, which will be published in this blog, insyaAllah.
    2. Commit to writing one blog post a week at least.
    3. Develop at least 10 printable resources for this blog.
    4. Have a girl’s day out with my two best friends at least once every two months after baby reaches 3 months old (or sooner if my crazy Jan-March schedule permits).
    5. Lose at least 70% of the baby weight.

    2018 Resolutions as a Wife

    1. Have a romantic dinner at KL Tower with my husband by the end of 2018.
    2. Commit to a date with husband without baby at least once every two months (at least once baby is 3 months old).
    3. Cook dinner and prepare packed lunch for husband at least three times per the five working days (at least once baby is 3 months old).

    2018 Resolutions as Mommy

    1. Fully breastfeed throughout the year, which means, yes, committing to a strict pumping schedule at work.
    2. Fully cloth diaper baby (!) by the time baby reaches 6 months old (with the occasional exceptions of when we are travelling or staying at another place for an extended period of time).
    3. Read a book to baby at least five times a week if not every day.

    One unique thing about my resolutions for 2018 is that there are more goals which are focused on habits rather than milestones to reach. And this is intentional. Because I have come to the realisation that success cannot be built without first having good everyday habits. It’s our habits that will propel us further in life, as the little things we do every day will all accumulate and have one great, big impact in our lives.

    So, yes. My goals are definitely achievable. I don’t think there’s anything remarkable about the resolutions I’ve set for 2018. But I’m definitely ready (I believe) to face the next set of challenges and embrace my soon-to-be new role as a mommy, as well as a wife and my own self.

    Do you have your own resolutions for 2018?

    Maibreakstheice is a blog where I like to tackle life questions through my personal experiences and, where applicable, through my knowledge as a graduate in family counselling. Keep your eye out for updates every Tuesday, or subscribe via email to receive updates straight to your mailbox!

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