Fahim’s One Month Update!

Yesterday, my dear son turned one month old! Honestly, this month has gone by extremely fast, but I am actually happy to say goodbye to it.

So, some updates. What has been going on with Fahim these past four weeks?

Fahim now weighs 3.5kg and is 53cm long. He sleeps very well at night, waking up only to nurse and then sleeping again right after. His bedtime seems to start at 10pm, and he sleeps well until 6am, usually waking up at 2am and 4am to nurse (sometimes at 12am) He has a harder time sleeping during the day, and his ‘fussy hours’ are usually from 11am until 4pm.

During his fussy hours, his favourite way to sleep is upright against my chest, like a koala bear. And he would usually wake up as soon as I put him down. Like, I’d walk around and soothe him until he falls asleep. Then I let him sleep for half an hour like a baby koala. Then when I suspect he has fallen into a deep sleep and try to put him in his crib or his rocker, all nice and swaddled, within ten minutes he’d start to cry again. 😭

Tummy time has its good and bad days. Some days he hates it. Once he fell asleep as soon as we put him on his stomach. Usually he’s more interested in eating his hands. 😅 But we do have the occasional success with him lifting his head.

One thing that melts my heart is that he is beginning to learn how to smile. ❤ Three times now, he has looked at me in the eye and given me a smile, but he’s still working on it. He recognises my voice, and when he cries, many times my mom, sister or husband can’t soothe him, but as soon as I pick him up, he goes quiet and looks around.

Fahim is beginning to love bathtime, but he hates getting massaged after, so we’re still working on that one. I have stopped putting his mittens on, and we lose his socks everywhere. I’d usually dress him in a onesie in the morning, long sleeves at night. His hair, shaven when he was one week old, is already fast growing. And he coos. A lot of different coos. ❤

Overall, I’d say Fahim is a relatively easy baby to take care of. He is easily soothed (at least by me) and has never thrown any night tantrums so far, so I’m getting some good sleep, even if it’s not through the night.

In terms of my own recovery, Alhamdulillah, I now know why people never really talk about post-partum recovery. I am now feeling 80% like myself again, which is awesome. And I’m also pain-free, which means I can walk around carrying Fahim, which I love.

One month as a mom, and I can already distinguish his cries between sleepy, hungry, or just fussy. My favourite outfit for him is a onesie. I think he’s cutest when he’s about to sneeze and it didn’t come out – the sound he makes is the cutest ever.

Overall, I’m now loving this newborn phase at this point. He’s cuddly and easiest to take care of, even though he has the loudest cry ever. 😅

We’re probably going back home from my parents’ house in a week or so. I wouldn’t know how I’d cope without my mom and sister’s help this past month.

So that’s it for his one month update!

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