Fahim’s 3 Month Update!

Fahim has turned three months old, though to be honest, his three month old birthday was about two weeks ago, really. But he just went for his checkup yesterday, so I’m doing this update now.

In terms of height, my little boy has grown by 2cm. He now weighs 5.9kg, which is a definite spike from 4.2kg last month, and which I’m soooo grateful for. I don’t think I shared this, but during his 2 month checkup, I was told that he is in the yellow zone for his weight and he wasn’t gaining enough. I was asked to topup with formula milk, and that made me seriously depressed. Especially when quite a number also put doubt into my mind that I could produce and express enough milk for his daycare everyday.

My sister-in-law suggested that I change my diet. So I ate a bit more. I drank full cream milk, fresh milk and dates milk. I ate a bit more salmon. I drank a whole load more water. I asked my mother to pray for me when she did her umrah. And alhamdulillah. So far, we have not needed to topup with formula.

In terms of his development, Fahim has grown to become a very talkative baby. He is constantly babbling, either to himself, or to me and my husband or anyone else who talks to him when he’s in his playful mood. He seems to be waking up more often at night to nurse, but I don’t mind that much at all. I’m still co-sleeping with him, so I am very much well-rested.

I am now comfortable and confident to take him out by myself. I’ve taken him to IOI City Mall a few times by myself and he loves his Infantino baby carrier, so all is well.

In terms of naps, it’s still challenging. He still likes his koala-bear sleep position, and this past weekend, my husband and I caved and we bought him a hammock-style swing. He naps sooooo well in this compared to the bed or crib, but I feel like he still naps better when put on his tummy. The challenge of rocking him to sleep, then making sure he is in a deep sleep before putting him down on his tummy (without waking him up!) makes the swing far more preferable.

Fahim loves to put his fists in his mouth and chew on them. He pretty much resists tummy time, so we’re working on that. But his legs are much stronger now, so I can hold him in a standing position. His smiles are not always given freely. He likes to talk more than he likes to smile.

To me, I am currently enjoying every second of his current age. He can’t roll around yet, and he is also not that heavy to carry around. He talks a lot and even talks when he cries, which is a lot of fun. He still loves everyone who tries to carry him, and it’s just so easy to take care of him at this stage.

I’m starting to read storybooks to him now, but we haven’t started on cloth diapers yet. We’ll see how the next update goes. I’m still highly considering vlogging.

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