Why Bright Line Eating is a No-Exercise Plan

Today’s weight: 65.8kg

Breakfast: 1oz whole rolled oats cooked with 4oz fresh milk with cinnamon, 1 apple (half into oatmeal, half cut into slices), 1 hard boiled egg

Lunch: 1/2 cup rice, salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot with mayonnaise and mustard, pan-seared salmon belly with olive oil, salmon curry

Dinner: 1/2 cup rice, salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot with mayonnaise and mustard, salmon curry

For too long, I have avoided “losing weight” because I just can’t bring myself to exercise. Each time I try to do a half hour workout (or even a ten minute workout), I’d get so hungry after that I’d eat my regular snack of wholemeal bread with peanut butter that pretty much made me gain back all the calories I might have lost – and more.

The BLE book talked about why those who follow this meal plan are not allowed to exercise, unless if they have been actively exercising before starting the plan.

First off, exercising does not make you lose weight. Most of the time anyway. It burns calories, yes, but a quick snack because you’re tired afterwards makes it all futile. Jogging for 30 minutes, for example, burns +/-300 calories. For me, having two slices of bread with peanut butter after that is already 340 calories. So exercise made me eat an extra 40 calories. And afterwards, when I get tired doing house chores and putting my baby to sleep, I’d probably feel even more tired and have another midnight snack. And so the calories build up.

To be honest, I hate exercise. I really do. It makes my muscles burn and I don’t like having that sore muscle feeling all day. It makes me feel tired and lazy to do work. So I don’t exercise.

Often I blame myself for not having enough willpower to diet. I’d keep eating biscuits and sandwiches because I love snacking too much. I’d snack when I’m bored, and especially when I’m tired. And then the story continues where my weight just remained the same, day in, day out (or it increased).

I understood why I can’t rely on “willpower” to lose weight once I read the book. According to scientific research (which you can read in more detail in the book), we have a limited amount of willpower that reside in our brains. Exhaustion and the need to make decisions eat up our willpower and the brain automatically makes us eat or snack to make up for it. That’s why a lot of snacking happens at late night, when we’ve used up all our resources.

So in BLE, it’s important to just rest. No exercise, no hard work. The meal plan sets your calorie intake at a deficit so you need to use up fat stores to basically exist, and so you will lose weight – by controlling what you eat and just existing all the way.

So. If you want to lose weight, go on a diet. Once you reach your goal weight, then start exercising to tone up your muscles. That’s my goal anyway.

My current nightmare, of course, is the mommy pooch. Sometimes it feels like I’m pregnant again, and I desperately want to start exercising to get a flat(ter) belly and lose the pooch. But I need to remind myself to be patient, and that I shall get to goal weight first before I do any workout. If anyone has any tips or workout videos specifically for getting rid of the mom pooch, do let me know.

Day 3 of Bright Line Eating:

I was surprised to see that the number on the scale was 65.8kg this morning. The number on Day 1 was 66.9kg. That means I’ve lost 1kg in two days, which means that the meal plan I’m following is working fast – maybe too fast.

Thankfully, the book also outlined additions to the meal plan if you want to maintain weight or slow the weight loss process. In my case, I’m going to start by adding another 2oz of veggies and 2oz protein for lunch, and another 4oz grain to dinner – which means half a cup of cooked white rice. I’ll check back in next Monday to share how that went.

So far I do experience feeling hungry an hour before lunch or dinner, but not extreme hunger. Just the sensation of being hungry where I’d typically by this time reach for a snack to munch on. I don’t have cravings just yet. My husband bought a box of Coco Crunch yesterday. 😑 Not helpful, but I’m more a Honey Stars fan, so we’re good. At least he didn’t buy any biscuits. That’d push me over the edge I think. Haha.

See you guys tomorrow!

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