When You Go On A Diet And Husband Brings Home Pizza

Today’s Weight: 64.4kg

Breakfast: 1oz dry whole rolled oats cooked with water and a dash of chicken stock and paprika, an omelette made of 3 eggs (we ran out of fruit today

Lunch: Stuffed bell pepper made from 1 red bell pepper stuffed with ground beef and onions cooked with a little tomato puree and italian herbs, baked and topped with feta cheese

Dinner: 1/2 cup rice with chicken cooked with chillis and salad (shredded carrot, cucumber slices and lightly toasted white mushrooms with mayonnaise and mustard)

I was on a roll.

Really, I could feel how much this low-carb high-protein diet was making me shed my water weight extremely quickly, making me celebrate the small success of losing 2kg in just four days. Then it happened.

My husband brought home two personal-sized Pizza Hut pizzas.

It actually was a very kind gesture (he honestly forgot the no-flour part of this meal plan) as he wanted to just celebrate my effort to lose the baby weight. But yeah. It was a pizza. And I couldn’t say no to such a kind gesture, so I had that pizza instead of my planned dinner which I wrote yesterday (I’m having that dinner today instead).

Now this meal plan does not count calories, but we already know a typical personal-sized pizza has 600-800 calories. When I stepped on the scale earlier this morning, I weighed 64.4kg. Then I drank water, and carbs hold onto water, and by afternoon I weighed 65.2kg. A 0.2kg increase from yesterday.

Now granted, I don’t really obsess over weight fluctuations between 2-3kg. But it still made me feel bad and I need to recommit to myself not to indulge in flour or sugar whenever possible. I have been doing well so far. Even if I made a flour-based breakfast for my husband, I’d still only eat my regular oatmeal. But this, a celebration, is a little harder.

All I can say is, thank goodness I’m Asian. Because rice makes up our normal diet, so it’s so much easier for me to follow this no sugar no flour diet, even if I dine outside. I just need to be very wary of portion sizes, which I find is not that difficult with our daily choices. Besides, only sugar and flour is not allowed.

Am I mad? No. Will I be mad if this happens again? Probably not. Because it’s life that people will always want to share food with you. But to me, it’s also about knowing myself. Pizza does not trigger me to binge on bread. Biscuits, on the other hand, can potentially trigger me to have more and more sweet treats. I’m putting my foot down on such sweets for the time being. For eight weeks. Because that one is harder for me to kick.

In any case, it’s back to the meal plan today. I had a hiccup yesterday, but you know what, it’s not a failure. Failure is when you stop trying. Me, I’m picking up where I left off today and I’m gonna keep at it.

Need to go on a shopping day tomorrow. We’re out of fruit, and we only have cucumbers and carrots left.

See you then!

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