Yesterday, My Family SABOTAGED My Diet Plan

Starting weight: 66.9kg

Today’s weight: 64.7kg

Today is my Week 1 check in and I am happy to report that I have lost 2.2kg total for the first week and have no intention of stopping here. I am absolutely loving the Bright Line Eating meal plan and will give a breakdown of my thoughts in this post.

Bright Line #1: No Sugar

For the first five days, I think I have been following this rule moderately well. For starters, I have not touched sugar at all and have been trying my coffee with a few options like fresh milk and unsweetened cocoa powder to yet no luck – they all still taste bad, so I’m very happy about that.

In terms of consuming anything sweet (minus whole fruits), however, I have diverged slightly. I have once cooked chicken with some honey because we had a guest and I did not bother cooking something separate for myself. I had also mixed coffee with Tamar Coco, and despite it being a dates and chocolate drink, I was sad to see ‘sugar’ as its first ingredient, especially as dates are already naturally sweet. Honey did not triggee me to crave anything sweet in any way. I actually don’t enjoy honey unless if I’m cooking with it, so I probably wouldn’t mind using honey as much because it’s not often (usually two or three times a month, if that) and I don’t enjoy it at all by itself.

As for the cocoa mixed with coffee, it has created chatter in my brain and I’ve decided to stop consuming that for the next seven weeks of this challenge. I have also had two “less sugar” coffees from restaurants which included (less than normal) condensed milk. I shall try to stop this one completely as well, except if Fahim kept me up at night and I truly need a fix else I’d be a zombie and succumb to something else.

I also ate a piece of cake, but we shall cover that in the next section.

Bright Line #2: No Flour

Except for using a tablespoon of cornstarch to thicken the sauce when I was cooking, I have managed to not touch flour or potatoes this week. This was easier than I expected, so I guess I’m a sugar person more than a flour person after all. I did not mind substituting pasta with butternut squash or shredded carrot, or substitute bread with lettuce wraps.

I have, unfortunately, consumed a personal-size pizza, and I’ve shared the story here. I also consumed flour, yes, in that small piece of cake and today during breakfast I ate a couple of wholemeal bread with the burger patty that my mom prepared before our one hour drive back home. Thankfully, I did not consume anything more after both times while waiting for the next meal.

Bright Line #3: No snacks

This is the brightest of my bright lines, and I’m extremely proud of myself because there have been many instances where all I wanted was to grab a snack, even if it’s just a piece of fruit. But regardless of whether I’m at my house or my parents’, I only had three meals a day this week and never snacked in between. I never even drank anything else apart from plain water if it’s not mealtime.

Generally, I find it very easy to wait for the next meal if I had properly followed the portions of what I was supposed to eat. If I had skimped on a whole load of veggies (which I had done this week), then I’d feel hungry much sooner.

Bright Line #4: Quantities

Apart from veggies, I have measured my food quite well this week except for vegetables. I mentioned in my post two days ago that this plan isn’t working for me because I cannot consume that many veggies during dinner, so I had to modify my plan a bit. This week, I always try my best to measure less than what I can have rather than more. But if I had measured more, like I accidentally poured 4.2oz of milk instead of 4.0, I let it pass because I’m not gonna waste food just for a scale. I’d meet it as close as I can.


Ah, yes. The challenges. Today is my dad’s birthday. And on Saturday, I called my family and they said they were celebrating yesterday (Sunday) because they were all there (except me). So of course I put aside my diet to be with my family. And that included breaking my bright lines at every meal yesterday. And made me gain 0.2kg. Sniff.

Starting with roti canai and coffee (with condensed milk) for breakfast. And rice with lamb and chicken for lunch (at least this is healthy). And more rice and lamb and chicken for dinner.


I mean, of course I’m not gonna say no to the birthday cake, are you nuts? But I am proud to say I only ate a small piece of it. Just a piece. Usually if a cake is cut that small, I’d take at least three, usually four or five pieces of cake. Yesterday I only took one, and I was interested to find that I didn’t crave more. Yes, I would have loved to have more. But my brain wasn’t doing the whole “THIS IS SO GOOD! MORE! MORE!” thing in my head and I went to sleep happy and satisfied. I didn’t even want another piece this morning when I opened the fridge to pack all the veggies I bought home.

Whatever this diet plan is doing to my brain, it’s working. I’ve already lost the craving to have biscuits or a chocolate bar when I go to convenience stores. I mean, before this, it’s almost impossible for me not to leave the store without a snack. But now, in my head, the voice says “That looks yummy. Would be nice to eat it” and when I continue walking, there’s no feeling. I wonder if being trained in NLP helped. I bet it did.

So yes, I’m gonna skip away and lose the remaining 6.7kg. I have a feeling that this initial weight loss this week is because I’m losing water weight, but we shall see.

Bright lines, stay bright this week!


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