Why Am I Doing This Diet Thing Anyway?

Today’s weight: 65.0kg

Breakfast: Omelette made with 2 eggs and chopped bell pepper and tomato, seasoned with lemon pepper. Sliced tomatoes and cucumber. 1 banana.

Lunch: 2oz salmon curry. 5oz salad (iceberg lettuce, tomato and carrot) with mint dressing and 1 hardboiled egg. 3oz asparagus fried with butter, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dinner: 4oz cooked white rice, 2oz salmon curry, 6oz salad and asparagus

Even though I know our weight fluctuates daily, it still hits me a bit hard when the scale shows an increase rather than a decrease. I know it’s probably water weight, but yes, on days like this I just need to ground myself to remember why I’m doing this. I may not look it, but at 163cm, my starting weight of 67kg actually has pushed me over the ‘overweight’ line in terms of my body mass index.

Not only that, I feel it. I feel the extra kg’s I’m carrying around, and I don’t like it.

My plan is to lose my excess weight to hit my goal of 58kg, then exercise to tone up and become stronger.

The question is, why? Why am I doing this?

Why is it important to have a reason to do this anyway?

Well, first off. When you’re going to do anything hard, it’s very important to have a reason why, and this is my self as a counsellor speaking. Because we’re going to hit some bad days. Sometimes we’ll slip and have that piece of cake anyway and then feel bad about it (I did not feel bad about that red velvet by the way haha). But having a solid reason to do something, and reminding ourselves about it, makes us stronger on those hard days and pushes us forward. It makes us stick to the plan.

I have several reasons why I’m embarking on this journey to weight loss with Bright Line Eating.

First, I want to be healthier. I am extremely jealous of people like my husband who never seemed to binge on anything. He likes food, and enjoys good food, but he’d never eat anything unhealthy more than what I personally would. If we both like the same cake, I’d probably eat twice his portion, and that makes me jealous – that he has this control over food. So my hope is by following BLE, I can create new, better, healthier eating habits and stick with it for life.

Second, I want to play with my son. At the peak of my bad eating habits I was tired all. the. time. And I blamed it on work, on lack of sleep. But I never blamed it on food, and this is the mistake. Food, if you have taken in too much of the bad stuff (flour, sugar) makes you tired. And I loved my flour and sugar. I loved to snack on sweet buns and biscuits and chocolates. And it made me tired faster. Now, my son weighs probably close to 9kg by now. He is not light. But he likes being carried around. And I need strength for that. I want to never feel tired to play with him, so I’m hoping this diet change will help me with that.

Third, I just don’t like the way my body is shaped right now. I don’t. It makes me feel bad, especially when I stand next to my husband haha. And you know what? If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. No excuses. Find someone who can help you, and change it. Like Nike’s tagline. Just do it. Just do it already. Stop wallowing and feel sorry for yourself. Take charge and change.

So whenever I feel like I want to eat a bit more fruit or to add that teaspoon of sugar to my coffee, I remind myself of these three things. To me, losing weight should be a once and done ordeal. Lose it all, as fast as you can, then move on with your life.

See you tomorrow.

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