Top Tips To Stay Consistent

Today’s weight: 63.8kg

Breakfast: Omelette made of 2 eggs and chopped tomato, bell pepper and mushrooms plus one banana

Lunch: Salad wrap: 4oz minced chicken cooked with tomato puree and italian herbs, and 8oz of veggies (bell pepper, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber and mushrooms), plus 1 Gala apple with 0.5oz peanut butter

Dinner: 4oz cooked white rice with beef cooked with soy sauce and oyster sauce, plus steamed broccoli and carrot

Successful people say that we are the product of our habits.

If we have developed good habits and we stick to them, success comes very easily. If we have bad habits, then the game is tougher because we have to break the bad habit and create new ones. And we already know that the average time needed to develop a habit is 66 days.

But to get from Day 1 to Day 66 until something becomes a habit, how do we make sure we are consistent? How do we work with ourselves to follow through on the plan, even during the hard days and bad times?

Currently, I am developing two new habits. One, to eat well and at mealtimes only. Two, to write in this blog daily.

Even today, Day 10 of this so-far-relatively-short journey, I’ve had thoughts of taking a break. Thoughts like, maybe I’m not going to write today. Or, maybe I can allow myself a bun. Or a sweet drink. These thoughts are normal, and I seem to have been able to pinpoint certain instances where it would rear its ugly head.

Usually, my “will” is weakest when I am tired or stressed. So here are the ways I have developed so far to combat this:

  1. Plan. Plan, plan, plan. If you have things planned, that’s already 70% of the battle. No more thinking about what I’m going to write today or have for lunch. I already know, I just need to do it.
  2. Prepare ahead. For me, this means snapping photos knowing what topics I can write about. It means having 4-6 staple meals that I can prepare within 15 minutes and not worry. It also means cooking a bit extra to eat for the next 2-3 days so I won’t be burdened about needing to cook another Bright Line meal for breakfast and lunch, again.
  3. Do one thing at a time. Don’t set the next 66 days to wake up early, practice meditation, start going to the gym, change your diet and journal, all at once. Trust me, I’d be surprised ifyou last a week. Choose one thing, and once it becomes an automatic habit that you just do and stop thinking about, then you can start with other things.
  4. Take it easy. Tiredness and stress diminishes your willpower, so try your best to reduce instances where this may happen. Make it easy to develop this new habit. Sleep more, eat well, think good thoughts and remind yourself why you want to change.
  5. Paint a picture of what your success looks like. Success is measured differently for everyone. For me, as long as I stick to my portions and avoid sugar, flour and snacks as much as possible, and as long as I write something in my blog, that’s my image of success.

A journey through change is fun. I used to hate it, but not anymore. I love change. Because change carries potential, and I’m eternally excited of what will happen next.

See you tomorrow!

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