When You Start Making A Positive Change, New Habits Will Follow

Today’s weight: 63.8kg

Today, I bought an e-book from Amazon titled “52 Small Changes”, which is a plan to incorporate small, weekly changes throughout the year to feel happier and healthier. I’ve started to read the book, but I’m not going to implement anything really solid until I change my diet and hit goal weight first, just because I believe it’s best to make small, consistent changes rather than try to incorporate many big ones all at once.

Today is Day 14 of Bright Line Eating, which means that I have been doing BLE for a full two weeks. So far, the biggest change I’ve noticed in myself is that I have stopped snacking. Once or twice I have felt the urge to grab a snack of some sort, but it wasn’t because I was hungry. It was just because it’s a habit. And breaking this habit is becoming much easier, and all I need to do is to tell myself that lunch or dinner will come soon, so there is no need to snack.

I am also pleasantly surprised that I now refrain from eating any kuih without any problem. Before, I was addicted to kuih and just need to have it whenver it’s available with my meal. Now I can look at it and move on. There is little to no cravings left for that, and I am very happy with this progress.

The area where I struggle is with sweet drinks, and by that I mean juices and hot cocoa or coffee with sugar in it. I cannot completely say no to it yet when it’s there in front of me, but I am also not that concerned with it. I celebrate my small wins.

I have found that my taste buds have changed a bit. Before starting my diet, I had bought a bird’s nest with longan drink that I kept in the fridge. My husband wanted to drink it, so I said okay. I asked if it was sweet, and he said it wasn’t, so I decided to have a sip. And goodness, to me, it tasted sweeeeet. Now that I’ve avoided sugar, I think my taste buds have become more sensitive to sweet things. I think the BLE book said that we replace our taste buds every two weeks, so as you go on a diet change, food will start to taste better.

I’ve also noticed my increasing desire to start exercising. This week, I went horseriding and cycling. 20km of cycling without stopping! I loved the adrenalin of that. But I still won’t incorporate any exercise or workout into my daily/weekly routine yet because BLE continues to be my first priority. Whenever the opportunity presents itself or I’m feeling particularly good, I’ll probably do some light exercise here and there, but nothing too hard.

Part of the diet change in BLE is to get rid of fat, and when you do that, the body also releases toxins that can make your body feel incredibly tired. This is another reason why BLE is a no-exercise plan. It’s important to know your priorities, and my first is to lose weight.

I do strongly feel, however, that as you start to incorporate a positive change, you’ll naturally feel more inclined to make even more positive changes. This is what I’ve been experiencing.

So. Two weeks down, six weeks to go. So far, so great.

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