How To Create More Time In A Day

Today’s weight: 63.8kg

If given the choice, I’d definitely want more than 24 hours in a day. There is just so much to do on a daily basis, that many times, the things I really want to do take the back seat to make way for things that I need to do.

Then it hit me.

I’m never going to have enough time until I make time. And the only way to make time, is to plan and find as many shortcuts as possible. So here are mine:

1) Wake up earlier. This is actually my goal starting tomorrow onwards. Fahim usually wakes up to nurse around 4AM, and I’m going to try to not go back to sleep after he does so. This is the easiest way to make more time for yourself. Willpower is also highest in the morning, so when you wake up earlier, you’ll also be more productive.

2) Meal prep. This is what I’ve started doing today, and I already feel great about it and the likelihood I’d stick to my bright lines. I usually don’t have the time to eat breakfast at home on a working day, so over the past few months, I’ve actually made overnight oats my staple breakfast. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it boosts my milk production. Nasi lemak is also a milk booster, so I’d normally alternate. Now that I’m cutting carbs out of breakfast to lose weight, however, my go-to breakfast is eggs and salad. Scrambled, omelette, fried, hard-boiled, I don’t care. It takes about five minutes to do, and the salad I prepare beforehand so it’s just a matter of cracking a couple of eggs first thing in the morning and having it with my prepared salad. This saves so much time, especially when you’re also prepping for lunch and dinner.

3) Iron clothes in advance. This is also something I’ve incorporated this week. It takes about an hour for me to iron my husband’s work clothes as well as my own. For me, I’d either wear a black skirt or slacks with a blouse and a black or coloured headscarf. By investing in even a couple of ironless blouses, and planning to wear the same scarf twice on Monday and Thursday, for example, you’re already narrowing down the number of clothes to wear. I have very little interest in fashion and opt instead for comfort and convenience.

4) Have salad. Everyday. Seriously, this one is a game changer for me. My husband loves salad, and I do too. And it only takes a few minutes to chop some lettuce, shred a carrot, slice a cucumber and cut some tomatoes. The only thing I need to cook is the protein, and by falling on some staple meals and saving special dinners for when I have more time like public holidays and weekends, making dinner now takes me half an hour at most to prepare most days.

5) Prepare the night before. To me, what makes a good start to my day and especially my mornings is how much I’ve prepared the night before. This usually involves having my work clothes and bag prepared, having Fahim’s milk and nursery bag prepared, having breakfast prepped for the next day and sleeping earlier. Sleep early to wake up early. I was once told that sleeping between 9pm to 12am is equivalent to getting three hours for each hour of sleep. This kinda makes sense to me on why Islamic scholars and aalim are always able to wake up for tahajjud. They sleep earlier.

So there you have it. Five tips on how to create more time for yourself. Let us hope that we will be more productive and make the most of our time.

There have been a few things going on with my diet change recently. Suffice to say that I am currently working on a few changes, but I shall write about this another day. For now, it’s 9.25pm. Time to sleep!

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